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Great Wonders of Egypt for Tourism Marketing and Responsible Travel Management is involved in all forms of tourism. Our speciality is Adventure Tours in Egypt and Dahabya Nile Cruises. 
The Founders of the company each bring distinct individual expertise and background to the company, providing a unique mix of Egyptology, History, Travel & Tourism.
We decided to make use of our travel experiences under one mission promoting and developing responsible tourism with no limits as all forms of tourism ( leisure or corporate ) should be responsible.
We realized that this can be achieved by establishing a policy of cultural economic development that makes use of archaeological and cultural resources for alleviating poverty by monitoring the social and symbolic implications of such endeavors.

In light of making our efforts more effective towards the community, we founded The Nile Trail Foundation. A Luxor based NGO which is primary concerned with developing local communities that we visit.

Our itineraries are not only focusing on monuments. We look at the little villages along the river and stop to visit farmers in their fields and homes to introduce their way of life and traditions to enthusiast travelers. We are keen on taking our travelers slowly through Egypt to enhance their travel experience.

Great Wonders of Egypt is a fully licensed tour operator from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

License number 1871.

Date of establishment 14 OCT 2009.

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