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Abu Simble

Abu Simbel town is located 280 KM south of Aswan. it is reachable by either road or plane. Daily flights operate from Aswan to Abu Simbel and back. It is a shuttle service provided by Egypt Air and other local carriers. The frequency of flights depends greatly on flight bookings. It can be one flight a day to up to 5 flights a day. Alternatively, it can be canceled due to insufficient bookings.
The road journey is 3.5 hours long each way. We normally leave Aswan at the crack of dawn so we can return back in time for lunch.
Abu Simbel is regarded as a not-to-miss visit for travelers in Aswan. The site is utterly impressive.
The tour can be conducted in several timelines based on traveler's requests.

A view of both temples of Abu Simbel. The small temple of Queen Nefertari & the great temple of Ramses the Second.

The Temples of Abu Simbel had been saved from the rising waters of Lake Nasser in the 1960s by an international effort lead by UNESCO. This is a picture of the sculpture of Ramses The Second colossal statue cut to pieces and reassembled in the new site.

The Small Temple of Abu Simbel. Built 3300 years ago and dedicated to the most beloved of Ramses The Second wives, Queen Nefertari.

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