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The capital city with 10 million inhabitants according to the latest census. It is certainly an extremely busy city with its own share of traffic and crowd management issues.
When planning tours in Cairo, one has to consider traffic amongst other things. The choice of a hotel is not only based on hotel quality. Sightseeing should be considered when making the overall decision of where your travelers would stay.
Cairo sightseeing is varied and, in recent years, keeps expanding, with more museums and sites that open up for visits.
A sightseeing package tour to Cairo could be themed based on traveler's choices.

A camel ride is certainly one of the highlights of Giza Pyramids visit.

The Golden Treasure to Pharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amun will be one of the major exhibitions at the GEM.

Sakkara and it's Step Pyramid is one of the highlights of Giza.

Giza Pyramids.

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