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What makes Dahabya Special

One of the most popular and beautiful modes of travel through Egypt is certainly a Nile Cruise. Millions of people cruise the Nile every year, visiting its major monuments spread along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, and in some limited dates, from Cairo to Aswan.

A Nile Cruise is certainly wonderful, but what is a Dahabya?

Nile Dahabya
Nile Dahabya

What is a Dahabya?

Dahabyas are small sail boats, in comparison to Nile Cruisers, that has limited numbers of cabins equipped with the same facilities available on Nile Cruises and hotel room. Private showers & toilets and of course a sundeck.

These sail boats, Dahabyas, can have anything from 2 cabins to 10 cabins. Therefore providing a unique experience for a small group of travelers or families.

This is a pretty good feature that sets them apart from Nile Cruisers which can have up to 65 cabins, which means over 100 travelers.

Dahabya Sundeck
Dahabya Sundeck

What make a Dahabya unique?

Nile cruisers can dock only at prepared Nile ports & special docking areas. These are located only around major historical monuments. Therefore, it gives you limited access.

A Dahabya can literally dock anywhere. And this is where the real value comes in.

On a Dahabya, you will have the chance to visit local communities, meet farmers and their families & learn more about daily life along the river.

Another important value is your travel schedule and times of sailing. When comparing a sightseeing schedule of a Nile Cruise vs. a Dahabya, you will immediately realize that you can actually enjoy the sailing experience on the Nile. Let me tell you more how this is achieved.

visiting a local family along the nile
Visiting a local family

Sightseeing & Relaxing Schedule

Aboard a Nile Cruise, you are doing sightseeing with 100 other travelers. If one person is late coming back from a temple visit, the sailing is delayed, because obviously the ship would have to wait till everyone is back on board. This does not happen aboard a Dahabya.

Aboard a Dahabya, you are traveling with your own small group of people, so you are all following the same schedule and no one else is affecting your time.

hiking tours along the nile
Hiking on the Nile

Sailing Hours

Nile cruisers would have to follow a strict timeline of sailing to catch up with their sightseeing schedule. This directly affects sailing hours; for example, you will spend few good hours aboard a Nile Cruise sailing at night to catch up with following morning sightseeing.

On A Dahabya, this will not happen. As a general rule, we do not sail at night. Which means you will actually see the stretch of land between Luxor & Aswan in broad daylight. You will not miss a single view of the river.

Daraw animal market
Animal Market, an included visit.

All Inclusive

Hardly any Nile Cruises offer an all inclusive accommodation. In other words, your beverage is not included. You settle for what you drink at the end of the cruise trip.

Dahabya accommodation is all inclusive, at least our is, so you do not settle for extras at the end. This does not include alcoholic drinks though, because this is a personal preference.

all inclusive dahabya trip to egypt
Dine in open air

OFF The Beaten Track

This point is so valuable that I wanted to make a side title for it on tis own. As mentioned, on a Dahabya we can dock any where.

Along the years, we have developed very personal relationships with local communities and families living along the Nile. We take you to visit them in their homes and fields and you can even do some farming activities if you want. We also offer home hosted meals at farmers homes. And you do not worry about hygiene, we got that covered and secured.

hiking tours in Egypt
Meet the locals

Learn More

To know more about our offerings, please visit Nile Adventure page and make sure you check the PDF copy of the itinerary as it has way more details.

Hope to see you on board our Dahabya soon.


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